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We have the same mission as you: develop and deliver essential medicines to the patients who need them. We do this through deep collaboration to understand your needs, increasing your confidence in decision making and delivering innovative strategies.

By translating complex data into actionable insights that informs dosing, study designs, and modeling, the Allucent Clinical Pharmacology, Modeling & Simulation (CPMS) team can help deliver on your next breakthrough.

Our Expertise

250 +
Years experience in all phases of drug development
600 +
Drugs supported...all modalities, all routes
6000 +
PK, PD, TK, QTc translational analyses
450 +
Clients supported
350 +
PopPK and E-R modeling, dose, and trial simulations
2600 +
INDs, NDAs, BLAs, ANDAs, PIP, PSP, 505(B)(2)S
450 +
Clinical study protocols, reports, publications

Meet Our Experts

At Allucent, we’re your trusted partner for navigating the complexities of drug development. With unparalleled expertise and a global perspective, our diverse team of pharmacology experts is here to guide your study to success. 

Allucent excels in Clinical Pharmacology Modeling and Simulation (CPMS). Our team of experts integrates seamlessly into your drug development team, using industry-standard technology and tailored solutions to drive success. From candidate selection to regulatory approval, we provide the insights and strategies you need. 

  • Led numerous organizations in clinical pharmacology and MIDD strategy  
  • >25 years in pharmaceutical industry 
  • 42 published manuscripts 

Katy Moore, PharmD, RPh


  • Held executive leadership positions at several large pharmaceutical companies 
  • Expertise in translational medicine, clinical pharmacology, and DMPK 

Lisa Benincosa, PhD

SVP Clin Pharm Strategy

  • Led business and services operations at Cognigen Corp.
  • Led modeling and simulation for critical path to TB drug regimens initiative
  • Recipient of McKeen Cattell Award (ACCP) 

Alex Berg, PharmD, PhD

VP Clin Pharm Development & Operations

  • Senior positions at Novartis, Roche, GSK and AstraZeneca 
  • Deep expertise across clinical pharmacology and MIDD. 
  • Published across multiple complex therapeutic areas 

Alex MacDonald, PhD

VP, Model Informed Drug Development

Experience the transformative power of our expertise. Partner with Allucent to unlock the future of drug development and propel your success. Contact us today. 

Why Allucent Clinical Pharmacology Modeling and Simulation (CPMS)?

Addressing Your Challenges

What Sets Allucent Apart in Clinical Pharmacology and Modeling?

Tailored Approach: We deploy clinical pharmacology strategy and modeling expertise using industry-standard technology and tailored tools to meet your unique goals on time and on budget. 

Translating Data into Insights: We convert data into actionable insights, addressing the toughest clinical challenges and propelling you towards milestones faster. 

Broad Expertise: Our team consists of seasoned pharmaceutical professionals with expertise in translational and clinical pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, pharmacometrics, simulation and modeling, research, and regulatory affairs. 

How Does Allucent Enhance Decision Making and Drive Efficiency?

MIDD: Data-driven insights from Model-Informed Drug Development (MIDD) de-risk your drug development process. 

Optimized Resource Utilization: By supplementing or replacing costly clinical studies by expertly utilizing MIDD, we optimize resource utilization and accelerate time to market. 

Reducing Development Costs: MIDD-based decision-making reduces the cost of development while maintaining high standards of safety and efficacy.

How Does Allucent Accelerate Compound Development?

Streamlined Transition: We skillfully translate pre-clinical data to expedite compounds' transition to clinical development. 

Risk Mitigation: By skillfully translating pre-clinical data, we optimize First-in-Human (FIH) protocols and mitigate risks through a comprehensive clinical understanding of the impact on patients, enabling efficient translation to clinical trials. 

Time and Resource Savings: Selecting the right molecules, dosing frequency, and patients accelerates development, saving time and valuable resources. 

How Does Allucent De-Risk Decisions and Predict Clinical Scenarios?

Informed Decisions: Data-driven simulations empower informed decisions with reduced risk. 

Alternate Strategies: We present alternate strategies and options to effectively assess potential risks. 

Future Insights: Predicting unexplored clinical scenarios provides insights for future planning, ensuring you stay ahead of challenges.

Why Choose Allucent as Your True Partner?

Dedicated Collaboration: We are your dedicated partner, invested in your success. 

Quantitative Models: Our models inform drug development decisions, advocating solutions to regulatory agencies. 

Objective Solutions: Unbiased and unattached, we provide objective and tailored solutions using industry-standard platforms.

What Full-Service Capabilities Does Allucent Offer?

End-to-End Support: We provide comprehensive clinical pharmacology strategy and modeling services. 

Study Sequencing: From strategic planning to study sequencing, PK assessments, pharmacometrics, and technical writing, we offer expertise to support you through every concern along the way. 

Tailored Needs: Our services adapt to your unique needs, ensuring excellence at every stage of drug development.

Dig into the Details of Allucent's CPMS Expertise

Allucent presents a dynamic range of clinical pharmacology, modeling, and simulation (CPMS) services.

Our commitment to your success is underscored by an unwavering dedication to excellence.

Clinical Pharmacology Integrated Drug Development

Explore our roadmap to success with integrated drug development strategies that bridge the gap from candidate selection to regulatory approval.

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Model-Informed Drug Development (MIDD)

Uncover a data-driven path to optimized drug development, leveraging insights that de-risk decisions and expedite clinical progress.

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Pharmacometrics (PMx), Pharmacokinetics, and Pharmacodynamics (PK/PD)

Dive into the realm of drug effects, safety optimization, and exposure-response relationships with our expertise in PMx, PK, and PD.

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DMPK and Translational Discovery and Development

Navigate the complexities of drug discovery with our DMPK insights, accelerating the transition from compounds to clinical development for safe and efficient translation.

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