The Role of Statisticians in Study Design and Why to Engage Them Early

Industry Featured Article

Our latest article, published in Life Sciences Review and authored by our Allucent expert, Melanie Buitendyk, Director of Biostatistical Consulting, delves into the pivotal role statisticians play in the early stages of study design, offering insights into how their involvement can significantly streamline the development process.  In the dynamic landscape of clinical product development, meticulous planning is imperative for successful outcomes. 

Our expert statisticians, integral members of the core development team, contribute invaluable insights into defining study objectives, selecting appropriate endpoints, and other key factors to ensure the efficient design of a protocol that meets corporate and regulatory objectives and is successfully moved to execution. 

As advocates for expeditious protocol development, we emphasize the importance of engaging the right team at the right time.  Allucent’s team of statistical consultants stand ready to provide comprehensive support across various indications and study designs.  For a deeper understanding of how statisticians contribute to accelerated clinical development, read the full article. 

Melanie Buitendyk

Director of Biostatistical Consulting

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