Podcast: Artificial Intelligence, GCP Compliance, & Inspection Readiness in Clinical Trials

AI is increasingly being integrated across various industries, demonstrating its versatility and potential. In the biotech sector, it is important to consider how the use of AI might impact integral factors such as GCP compliance and inspection readiness. The incorporation of AI in the clinical trial process brings about a transformative influence on GCP compliance and inspection readiness. Through automation, AI can streamline routine tasks and data analysis by improving accuracy and decreasing the risk of human error. With that being said, there are prominent obstacles to consider when looking to incorporate AI into the drug development process. 

Explore this topic in a recent podcast with Ernesto Vera Sanchez (Allucent VP, Dept. Head GXP Strategy, RDC) alongside Spreaker. Mr. Sanchez will discuss how to leverage AI technology, while being proactive in your compliance strategy to ensure that your trial is thoroughly prepared for successful outcomes.

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Ernesto Vera-Sanchez

Ernesto Vera-Sanchez

Vice President, Division Head GxP Strategy

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