Journal for Clinical Studies: Combination Approaches in Immuno-Oncology Trials: New Horizons for Multiple Tumor Indications

Cancer immunotherapy has steadily been gaining momentum over the last decade, due to its proven efficacy as monotherapy in patients with various tumors, including tumors resistant to chemo- or radiotherapy. With an ever-increasing amount of clinical trials reporting significant benefits in long-term overall survival of patients with specific cancers following mono-immunotherapy, the goal has shifted to attaining higher response rates in broader patient populations by employing immuno-oncology (IO) combination approaches. Our research aimed to shed light on the discovery of effective IO combinations and specific tumor indications in which they can attain durable and long-lasting anti-tumor immune responses, by anticipating new developments in the IO field and identifying trends.

This paper describes the results of quantitative and qualitative analysis on phase II, II/III, and III trials that started between the 1stof January, 2014, and 17thof January, 2019. Results werepublishedin theJournal for Clinical Studiesin August 2019.

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