Podcast: Strategic Alliances in the Development and Execution of Pharmacovigilance Strategy


Join Ian Kovacs (Global Head of Pharmacovigilance) for a BioPharma Dive podcast where he examines the pivotal role of strategic partnerships in pharmacovigilance (PV) between biotech companies and CROs. Ian discusses the long-term implications of the traditional study-by-study outsourcing approach versus the formation of a strategic PV alliance and how they can foster a more cohesive, cost-effective and competent PV strategy from clinical trials through postmarketing surveillance. 

Listeners will gain insights into the operational efficiencies and enhanced regulatory compliance afforded by such alliances, which streamline PV processes and consolidate data into a global safety database.  The podcast also navigates the advantages such alliances bring when establishing a robust PV system for commercialisation in US and EU.

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Ian Kovacs

Global Head of Pharmacovigilance

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