Why Multinational Clinical Trials are Key to Bringing Novel Therapies to Patients

Originally published by BioPharmaDive

Small and mid-sized biotech companies face unique challenges when bringing novel therapies to market. While many large pharmaceutical companies have the knowledge and in-house talent to clear regulatory hurdles and conduct efficient clinical trials, smaller companies often do not. That’s why small and mid-sized biotechs need to THINK BIG when working to deliver life-changing therapies to patients with unmet needs.

Join seasoned experts as they share successful strategies they’ve used to help small and mid-sized companies get innovative treatments to the people who need them. Each episode in our three-part series is packed with insights and practical tips for success.

In the second episode, Pavle Vukojevic, a rheumatologist turned clinical researcher who is now the chief scientific officer at Allucent, explains why multinational clinical trials are key to bringing novel therapies to market.

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