Pharm-Olam Launches New Protocol Optimization Service

Pharm-Olam, LLC is launching Protocol Optimization Services to support the study development needs of their biopharma clients.

JUNE 16, 2020

Houston, June 16th, 2020 – Pharm-Olam, LLC, a global, midsized CRO offering full-service clinical development solutions to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, is launching Protocol Optimization Services to support the study development needs of their biopharma clients.

The Protocol Optimization Service will benchmark a sponsor’s study design against other similar clinical trials and identify optimization opportunities for consideration and inclusion. This service will aid the development of lean and cost-effective study design while also maximizing study value through balancing patient and site burden with the achievement of planned primary and secondary study endpoints.

“Our goal is to help our sponsors build efficient clinical study designs that maximize their study value while balancing their cost investments,” explains Pavle Vukojevic, M.D., Chief Medical Officer. “Protocol optimization also provides a tool to effectively analyze and manage the burden put on patients and sites so that all parties may benefit from the research conducted efficiently and ethically.”

In addition to achieving a finely tuned study protocol, typical benefits from this consultation and service are far-reaching. Due to the potential for optimizing study design parameters, this has a downstream effect on clinical study scope and size. Consequently, the scope of data management parameters, clinical monitoring, as well as the money invested into investigator grants, may be optimized, allowing sponsors to realize additional time and cost benefits. In this way, Protocol Optimization can lead to maximizing value and investment in all areas of study execution.


Pharm-Olam is a global clinical research organization that delivers right-sized trial services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, government, and public health organizations around the world. They specialize in small molecule therapies and biologics in oncology-hematology, rare disease, allergy, autoimmune, infectious disease, and vaccines. Founded in 1994, with operations in 60 countries, this CRO goes the distance to create a healthier world through agile, innovative, and customized CRO solutions for Phase I-IV research. Learn how Pharm-Olam can help your study succeed at

John Colby
Exec. Director, Global Marketing & Communications

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