Managing Clinical Trial Risk Strategically: Collaborating for Success With Your Outsourcing Partners

Watch Shannon Macquarrie’s virtual session from Outsourcing in Clinical Trials West Coast conference, February 24-25, 2021.

In this presentation you will learn:

  • Decentralized trial execution strategies and the “new” norm
  • Designing a flexible clinical monitoring strategy from the onset
  • Considerations for navigating the post COVID-19 landscape
  • Cost drivers that impact your outsourced clinical trial budget
  • Using KPI, metrics and governance to stay on track

About the Speaker


Shannon Macquarrie
Vice President, Global Head Of Project Management Clinical Trial Operations, Allucent

Shannon Macquarrie has over 20 years of experience building and growing global clinical development teams.  Within this realm she has developed processes that have implemented technologies that have been applied to strategy implementation through all phases of clinical development from start-up through site close out.  Ms. Macquarrie has been responsible for development and roll-out of full operational and risk oversight of clinical programs and product portfolios.  She regularly serves on client executive steering and joint oversight governance committees.  She is a focused leader and articulate communicator capable of building long lasting relationships with key stake holders at all levels.  Ms. Macquarrie’s therapeutic experience is broad and has extensive experience in the oversight of pediatric and cell therapy operating models and has designed initiatives to improve the delivery of oncology and immune-oncology programs.

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