Grass & Birch Allergy Phase II Parallel Studies

About the Case Study Pharm-Olam was contracted to provide a full-service solution for two Phase II, dose escalation allergy studies that required a total of 500 patients in Europe and were run in parallel. With two different indications required, Grass Pollen Allergy and Birch Pollen Allergy, Pharm-Olam completed a comprehensive feasibility program and presented the […]

Allergy Clinical Trials: Recent Asthma and Allergy Research in Review

Our understanding and the frequency of allergies has grown over the past several decades. Each new medical development and technological advancement fuels new pathways for clinical trials in allergy and asthma. In this article, we will look at some of the most recent research in this important therapeutic area. New Approaches to Food Allergies As the […]

Important Milestones in Allergy Research and Clinical Trials: A Timeline

Allergies are common today, but they weren’t always so well understood. While asthma symptoms have been documented since the ancient world, the mechanisms that can cause those reactions were less clear – even the concept of food allergies. Allergies in History From the earliest recorded records, what we now understand to be allergies are recorded […]

Site Location Selection: Key to Conducting Better Allergy Clinical Trials

Location plays a critical role in many studies, but the impact of geography has a significant impact in allergy and asthma clinical trials. To conduct the highest quality study possible, site selection needs to be aware of the unique challenges and advantages that a particular region possesses. In some cases, this could mean that locations […]

Allergy Immunotherapy in Review: New Developments in Immune Therapy

Allergy immunotherapy (AIT) is really a therapeutic area in its own right. The treatment approach leverages the body’s own immune system to produce a defense against a known allergen. AIT tends to provide relief where pharmacotherapy fails. It is usually cost-effective and symptom-reducing (sometimes, symptom-eliminating). This combination of benefits has driven new research in the realm of […]