Exploring the Complexities of Healthcare-Associated Infections: Challenges and Insights

Infection with blood cells

By Mila Grieg, Senior Medical Director, Therapeutic Area Medical Lead Introduction Healthcare-Associated Infections (HCAIs or HAIs), also known as nosocomial infections, are infections that patients acquire while receiving treatment for other conditions within a healthcare setting. They develop within the first 48 hours or more after hospital admission, or within 30 days after having received […]

Introduction to Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs)

Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs), also referred to as “nosocomial” or “hospital” infections, are infections that occur in a patient during the process of care in a hospital or other health care facility, which was not present or incubating at the time of admission and are a persistent challenge for healthcare practitioners and facilities around the world. The European […]

Infectious Disease Research: Importance of Site Location in Clinical Trials

Site location plays an important role in clinical trials. The impact of location comes into play for most therapeutic areas. In the same way that allergy studies need to be planned with respect to the allergens studied, infectious disease clinical trials have to take place where those diseases are prevalent. Natural Selection Amongst Pathogens Pathogens tend to […]

Leveraging Autoimmune Therapies in Infectious Disease and Vaccine Research

The mRNA approach was first applied to cancer however has since been instrumental in the development of vaccines to protect against the transmission of COVID-19. Since which, science has been postulating other uses for the messenger RNA technology. In April 2021, Biospace called infectious diseases “low-hanging fruit” for messenger RNA and spoke of the COVID-19 pandemic as driving […]

Understanding Current and Future Therapeutic Options for COVID-19

In recent weeks, the world has welcomed very positive and much anticipated news on the COVID-19 vaccine front. At least two high-profile vaccines (mRNA vaccines from Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna) have been authorized for use by global regulatory authorities in the US, UK, and some countries in Europe and Asia. Even though vaccines are now available to […]

Advancing Cancer Vaccines to the Forefront of Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy has revolutionized cancer treatment by using a patient’s own immune system to target and eradicate tumor cells. Therapeutic tumor vaccines, as one avenue in this emerging area, are designed to elicit antigen-specific antitumor immune responses. In this paper we provide a comprehensive summary on how our expanding knowledge of immune-oncology, genomics, and bioinformatics has […]

Maintaining Momentum: Applying Recent Regulatory Guidance in the Midst of the Coronavirus

Original Air Date:  Thursday, April 30, 2020 Time:  10am EST / 7am PST Duration:  1 Hour The importance of clinical research is in the forefront around the world with COVID-19 as companies race to develop vaccines and antivirals to address the disease. Regulatory agency guidance has presented the industry with a unique opportunity to shift the direction of […]