Translating Complex Data into Actionable Insights, to Create Big Value for Smaller Biotech Companies

Industry Featured Article Discover how Lisa Benincosa, Senior Vice President of Clinical Pharmacology Strategy at Allucent, harnesses the power of data to drive efficiency and informed decision-making in drug development for small to mid-sized biotech partners. From optimizing dosing protocols to addressing emerging trends like cell and gene therapies and enhancing diversity in clinical trials, […]

Advancing Excellence in Clinical Programming Solutions

Industry Featured Article In a recent interview with Life Sciences Review, Allucent Senior Director, Global Head of Programming, Stephen Apps, explores how to foster excellence in clinical programming solutions. The meaningful data harnessed through clinical programming has immense potential to yield successful outcomes for clinical trials. However, ever-changing regulations can make this part of the […]

The Role of Statisticians in Study Design and Why to Engage Them Early

Industry Featured Article Our latest article, published in Life Sciences Review and authored by our Allucent expert, Melanie Buitendyk, Director of Biostatistical Consulting, delves into the pivotal role statisticians play in the early stages of study design, offering insights into how their involvement can significantly streamline the development process.  In the dynamic landscape of clinical […]

Navigating the Challenges of Clinical Trial Design 

Industry Featured Article Effective clinical trial design and execution play crucial roles in the successful introduction of a drug to the market.  However, the journey toward a meticulously planned clinical trial is fraught with challenges, capable of ensnaring even the most seasoned sponsors. Crafting an efficient recruitment strategy, formulating the trial’s design, and maintaining clear […]

A Journey of Collaboration and Future Transformations in Biotech Space

In an exclusive interview with Life Sciences Review, Marcus Delatte, PhD, Vice President, Regulatory Strategy, Allucent, shared his valuable insights on the challenges and trends of the industry. He also talked about how technology is shaping the future of the biotech marketplace. Click below to read the full article. Read here

Patient-Centric Approach To Accelerating Clinical Trials

In an interview with Life Sciences Review, Anita Nelsen, senior vice president, clinical trial operations, Allucent, provides a general outlook on the current clinical trial landscape and highlights the value of a patient-centric approach. Click below to read the full article. Read here

Rare Central Nervous System Disease Trials

Precision medicine offers the promise to treat a variety of conditions, especially rare diseases, with targeted approaches. But developing more personalized medicines can introduce new complexities in the clinical trial process, which can hold back drug developers on the road to commercialization. Find out the factors that make rare neurological diseases a prime target for precision […]

Spotlight on oncology drug development and its future

Originally published by Of the nearly 7,000 clinical programs reported in 2022, 43% are in oncology – signaling the tremendous need for and promise of new cancer treatments.  Jessica Lee is the vice president of regulatory strategy and head of cell and gene therapy at the specialized Clinical Research Organization (CRO) leader, Allucent. Here she discusses how […]

Focusing on smaller biotechs to have a big impact on society

Originally published by Marcus Delatte spent over 10 years as a senior pharmacology and toxicology reviewer with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Today, he leverages his expertise to help small and mid-sized biotech companies develop scientific, technical and regulatory strategies at the specialized Clinical Research Organization (CRO) leader, Allucent. Here he discusses how and […]

Big passion for small biotech and its potential to address complex diseases

Originally published by Teresa Nunes is responsible for overseeing the activities of the medical affairs and pharmacovigilance teams at the specialized Clinical Research Organization (CRO) leader, Allucent. Here she discusses what drives her passion for helping small and mid-sized biotechnology companies bring new therapies to light for patients around the world – and why she’s […]