The Role of Statisticians in Study Design and Why to Engage Them Early

Industry Featured Article Our latest article, published in Life Sciences Review and authored by our Allucent expert, Melanie Buitendyk, Director of Biostatistical Consulting, delves into the pivotal role statisticians play in the early stages of study design, offering insights into how their involvement can significantly streamline the development process.  In the dynamic landscape of clinical […]

Navigating the Challenges of Clinical Trial Design 

Industry Featured Article Effective clinical trial design and execution play crucial roles in the successful introduction of a drug to the market.  However, the journey toward a meticulously planned clinical trial is fraught with challenges, capable of ensnaring even the most seasoned sponsors. Crafting an efficient recruitment strategy, formulating the trial’s design, and maintaining clear […]

Pediatric Clinical Trials: Tackling Clinical and Therapeutic Development Challenges Head-On

There remains a crucial need to include children in clinical development as historically they have been underrepresented in clinical trials. This is due to the complexities of including children, their vulnerabilities and the lack of motivation for drug developers to pursue marketing authorization for pediatric populations. These challenges faced in developing pediatric medicine are not […]

Anti-Depression Medication: Current Landscape and Product Development Trends

Alison Wakeford, PhD, Scientist, Allucent Marcus S. Delatte, PhD, VP Regulatory Strategy, Allucent Background According to the World Health Organization, depression is a common mood disorder, affecting approximately 280 million people globally.1 Depression is characterized by persistent feelings of sadness and loss of interest, occurs across almost all age groups, and manifests in various forms […]

Advancing Oncology Drug Development: The Importance of Single-Arm Trials

By Marites T. Woon, PhD (Associate Director, Nonclinical) and Jessica Lee, MD, PhD (Principal, Global Head Cell & Gene Therapy) According to a report by the American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy, oncology remains one of the top areas of focus for investigational cell and gene therapy (CGT) products in Q1 of 20231, underscoring […]